2 November 2018

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Want to know more about testing?  In this video, Alix Barclay, Intelligence Manager for the M. bovis Response, explains how MPI tests for the disease in infected cattle. Please feel free to share this.  You can view it on YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/bG7-7KXQfE8.


Weaned calves. If you are planning on buying, selling, and/or moving weaned calves to grazing, there are steps you can take to help protect your animals from M. bovis.  Read more here.

Help find unregistered tag numbers (as at August 28)  Tracing has shown 720 unregistered RFID (radio frequency identification) ear-tag numbers believed to have originated from an infected property.  Please can farmers and stock traders check the numbers in the 720 unregistered RFIDs file and let MPI know if you find any – phone 0800 00 83 33720 unregistered RFIDs.

Bulk milk testing for M. bovis is progressing well, with milk samples being taken from every dairy farm in New Zealand. Testing began shortly after the start of calving, when cows are most likely to be shedding the bacterium if they are infected. Milk samples are being collected from each farm every two weeks, up to a total of six samples over 12 weeks. To date, almost 10,000 of New Zealand's 12,000 dairy farms have completed two rounds of testing. So far only three farms have been confirmed with M. bovis through this testing. All three properties were already part of our tracing programme and they all have previously known links to the disease. This is very encouraging, but it’s still too early to speculate about the final results. If any suspicious results are found in a milk test, MPI will contact the farmer immediately. Dairy companies will continue to keep farmers updated as the testing programme continues.

Calf rearer survey underway: A survey of around 200 calf rearing properties is on across the country. The test involves a simple one-off nasal swab on calves at the property. The properties selected are not suspected of having Mycoplasma bovis. More here.

The National Response Plan is on the MPI website for those interested https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/dmsdocument/30858-biosecurity-new-zealand-national-response-plan-phased-eradication-of-mycoplasma-bovis

Latest handy flyers:


Protecting your animals information https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/dmsdocument/19148-protect-your-farm-from-mycoplasma-bovis

Cleaning and disinfecting information (Lon and Mike as requested): https://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/dmsdocument/30876-mycoplasma-bovis-cleaning-disinfecting-and-standing-down-affected-properties



Latest information on Mycoplasma bovis and the ResponseMPI M. bovis website
General questions on M. bovis - call 0800 008 333 or email MBovis2017_Liaison@mpi.govt.nz
Compensation information - call 04 894 0055 or email compensationcoordinator@mpi.govt.nz
Direct farmer support (Rural Support Trust) - 0800 787 254
To report a pest or disease (Exotic Pest and Disease Hotline) - 0800 809 966


Operations Manager for M. bovis Charlotte Austin spoke to Rural Exchange about what happens on the ground when a farm is found to be infected.  Listen here 

And a week later returned to answer listener questions. Listen here.

The farmer journey

These flowcharts show the simplified process for farms under:


-Notice of Direction

-Restricted Place Notice

Each farm is different and therefore some details will vary on a case by case basis.

Factsheets and FAQs

Technical advice

DairyNZ’s resource on M bovis and Calf rearing 

Poster of Mycoplasma bovis – what to look out for

Information for graziers – Beef and Lamb New Zealand

Animal health checklist to use when buying stock

Protect your farm from Mycoplasma bovis – Managing service bulls

Protect your farm from Mycoplasma bovis – Testing service and herd bulls

Mycoplasma bovis – Advice on using imported or local semen

On-farm biosecurity

Guidance on protecting your farm

Winter grazing

Biosecurity on grazing properties – DairyNZ

A3 farm hygiene poster - Protect your farm from disease  

DairyNZ farm biosecurity checklist – the WOF

Drystock biosecurity guidelines – Beef + Lamb NZ


 Looking after yourself fact sheet


Learn more about Biosecurity Act compensation

Mycoplasma bovis compensation claim form user guide


Minimising the risks from Mycoplasma bovis at cattle shows and events

When did Mycoplasma bovis arrive in NZ – fact sheet