Health and wellbeing support for farmers and rural workers

Health & Wellbeing

Our primary goal is to support rural people heal and recover; returning to farming and family sooner rather than later

Mental health was seen by those experiencing mental illness as placing a burden on family and friends. Most still don’t reach out due to shame or the fear of being treated unfairly - yet half of the NZ population experiences mental illness at some time in their lives.  

Rural Support Trust Facilitators are trained to recognise signs of dis-Stress and/or Stress and triage rural people with anxiety and/or depression in a caring, confidential and compassionate manner.

Our other goal is to support development of Individual and Community resilience with education.

Free community training is delivered through a Good Yarn Mental Health workshop so get in touch with your local Trust.  

Read on for more information to support your road to recovery, or phone Coordinator on 0800 824 757.

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