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"Stop & Pop" to check for nests

"Stop & Pop" to check for nests

Did you know almost a third of tractor fire claims involve birds?

Blair Shortall from FMG joins Andy Thompson from The Rural Roundup to discuss tractor fires and why farmers should 'Stop & Pop'!

Over a third of tractors which have caught alight resulted in a complete loss. Fires can occur from nests, wiring, and engine issues. Birds nesting under the hood of the tractor account for many tractors fire claims, especially in Spring. It’s important to be extra vigilant and remember to Stop & Pop your tractor hood each time you start it.

Having a fully serviced fire extinguisher in your tractor can help put out a tractor fire before it is too late. Usually, tractors burn so quickly they are hard to save.

Listen to this podcast interview by clicking here

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