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DairyNZ - Talking Dairy Podcast Series - Episode 36  "Rural Women are Struggling too"
Katrina Thomas

DairyNZ - Talking Dairy Podcast Series - Episode 36 "Rural Women are Struggling too"

Listen to Southland Dairy Farmer and the woman behind the Thriving Farming Women Group, Loshni Manikam.

Loshni wants you to listen to this because it’s hard work getting the topic of “rural women” into the mainstream media - even with women making up 50% of the sector!

Loshni explains the challenges which are so hard to see.

💢 The challenges women are dealing with which no one talks about.

💢 The challenges women go through which women don’t even see.

💢 The challenges which are draining women and because women can’t see them, women sometimes wonder: “Why am I struggling?” or “Why am so tired when I’m not doing that much?!”

💢 The challenges of doing and doing and doing but not having any value attributed to all of your contributions.

Loshni is thrilled to be able to focus on women and their needs. She wanted to explain this matters to us all, by listening to it, by sharing it with other women, by commenting on it, by talking about it - otherwise she feels it just gets forgotten about.

Share with other rural women you know.

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To check out the Facebook Group go to Thriving Farming Women

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