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Kevin Forward from OSPRI talks to Andy Muir from The Muster

Kevin Forward from OSPRI talks to Andy Muir from The Muster

Kevin explains the importance of NAIT and if there is a FMD breakout

Kevin Forward joined OSPRI in 2018 as the Head of NAIT, and was appointed to the role of Head of Traceability in October 2020. As Head of Traceability, Kevin and his team are responsible for setting the strategic direction of OSPRI’s livestock traceability programme. This includes oversight of New Zealand’s National Animal Identification and Traceability (NAIT) scheme.

Recently Kevin spoke to the host of the The Muster on Hokonui, Andy Muir.

They spoke about:

  1.  Foot-and-Mouth (FMD) at the NZ border
  2.  NAIT and a sheep tracability system - FMD — What can sheep farmers do?
  3.  NAIT tracing in relation to FMD
  4.  eASD form - movement of animals - On 24 July 2022, MyOSPRI replaced eASD as OSPRI’s electronic solution to Animal Status Declarations (ASDs). You can sign up here.
  5.  Encouraging farmers to transfer from a paper base system to an electronic one to assist with biosecurity

To listen to the interview, click here or on the link below.

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