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During and after a flood

During and after a flood

Information and resources to help you deal with floods.

Safety first

Don't put yourself at risk from contaminated water, damaged roads, or landslides and other hazards.

Look for and report broken power lines to your electricity provider. Treat all lines as live.

Trees may be unstable due to saturated ground and high winds.

Be conscious of security. Lock your car and house. Report suspicious activity to police.

Health and wellbeing

Throw away food and water that has been contaminated by floodwater.

Avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water until you are certain it is not contaminated.

For disposal of hazardous waste, including farm chemicals, call EnviroWaste on 0800 00 06 11.

Your property

Report flooded homes and any need for temporary accommodation to your local council.

Assess damage to water supply and reticulation systems. Which stock water troughs are contaminated with silt and will need cleaning?

Assess damage to access lanes, tracks, gateways, culverts, and fences. What flood debris needs to be cleared?

Assess damage to pastures and the depth and type of silt.

Assess available non-flooded pastures and other unaffected feed reserves.

Accept help when offered, and ask for it if you need it.



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