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Federated Farmers Webinar - Foot & Mouth Disease - What you need to know

Federated Farmers Webinar - Foot & Mouth Disease - What you need to know

Video of the 22 August event

With there being so much talk about Foot and Mouth in the media Federated Farmers wanted to update everyone alongside MPI on what is happening.

Wayne Langford, Federated Farmers Biosecurity spokesperson and a panel of experts from MPI to discuss Foot & Mouth Disease including:

  • Mary van Andel, Chief Veterinary Officer
  • Stuart Anderson, Deputy Director General, Biosecurity New Zealand
  • Steve Ham, Programme Director FMD, Biosecurity New Zealand

This is to update you on New Zealand’s current position, what would an outbreak look like, how can we minimize our risk and what is the plan if it gets here.

Key Messages:

  • New Zealand is free from Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD): And we have never had a case here
  • The risk that FMD will arrive in New Zealand remains low: a robust biosecurity system with strong border measures to keep out FMD, further enhanced following the Indonesian outbreak
  • We take the threat of FMD very seriously: MPI are monitoring the Indonesian FMD response closely with our Australian counterparts and supporting readiness activities in the Pacific
  • This is a timely opportunity to raise awareness: we want people to "keep calm but alert"
  • MPI are working closely with partners across regions to build resilience to FMD and modernize our approach, capture learnings from COVID-19 and the M bovis programme
  • FMD is not a concern to human health or food safety

Click here to watch the presentation - approximately 61 minutes

If you have any further questions check out the MPI website by clicking here



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