South Canterbury Rural Sipport Trust

South Canterbury Rural Support Trust

The purpose of South Canterbury Rural Support Trust is to assist in the building of strong and resilient rural communities.

Our trust members are local people with extensive rural knowledge & experience, we offer aid, assistance and advocacy to the South Canterbury rural community. We are a charitable organization that is in place to assist rural communities when they need the helping hand of those who understand and have the tools to assist.

Rural communities face a range of unique challenges and we are here to help. These include but are not limited to;

Biosecurity  |  Employment issues  |  Financial  |  Animal welfare  |  Health  & Wellbeing  |  Climatic events

We will facilitate you receiving the support you need when hardship comes your way. We draw on our network of rural professionals, health services and providers, local and central government agencies, Civil defense and industry advocacy groups to provide the assistance that you may need.

Our trust is a part of a nationwide network that helps when large climatic events or natural disasters occur that effect the livelihoods of those living in rural communities. We work alongside MPI and industry organizations and professionals to aid in the recovery of communities and individuals following these events.

Free and confidential help is available to you or those in your community when there is a need, all you need to do is reach out.  Our experienced team are rural people that are passionate about supporting our community when times are tough and building resilience so that we are better equipped with the tools we need for when we inevitably face the challenges that farming life brings.

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Call South Canterbury Rural Support Trust now on 0800 787 254

phoning from a mobile then please select 3, then select 4 then select 3 to be put through to the South Canterbury Coordinator

Our People

Our trust members are local people with extensive rural knowledge & experience, we offer aid, assistance and advocacy to the South Canterbury rural community.

Starting the conversation...

The Top Six Inches - breaking the mental unwellness stigma by starting a conversation

16 Jun 2021
To combat the silence and stigma related to mental unwellness, Taranaki born and bred artist Paul Rangiwahia created "The Top Six Inches" using the analogy for not only where the majority of the plant roots sit in the soil but also the top six inches of the...
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Feed planning service for drought-affected farmers, and those affected by floods eariier

02 Apr 2021

MPI and partner agencies DairyNZ, Beef + Lamb NZ, AgFirst and Federated Farmers are providing remote feed planning support to farmers.

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Help and resources available to you...


0800 4 324 7969

Beef + Lamb NZ
0800 733 466

0508 467 869 

NZ Young Farmers
03 344 2473

Federated Farmers
0800 327 646

Dairy Womens Network
0800 396 748

0800 482 463


0800 543 354 or 09 522 2999 or Free text 4357 (HELP)

0800 376 633

0800 726 666

Alcohol Drug Helpline
0800 787 797

Gambling Helpline
0800 654 655

Rural Women New Zealand
0800 256 467

Rural Employee Scheme
0800 694 121

Rural Support Trust NZ


We are a voluntary Charitable Trust and would welcome your donation to help us continue
supporting our Rural Families.