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Velvetleaf Weed Management
Katrina Thomas
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Velvetleaf Weed Management

Why velvetleaf is such a big problem for farms in Southland

Velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) is present on a number of properties throughout New Zealand and in Southland.

It's a serious cropping weed that can affect many arable crops.

Velvetleaf has been reported as causing up to 70% reduction in crop yields overseas.

We're working to increase public knowledge on how to effectively manage velvetleaf and prevent its spread.

We're also supporting land occupiers and rural contractors to take personal responsibility for controlling velvetleaf and reducing the risk of spread.

Who to contact in Southland

If you're finding it stressful dealing with velvetleaf, we encourage you to call the Rural Support Trust (0800 787 254) for a free, confidential chat.

If you have questions about velvetleaf, contact your local community outreach person:

or email

For more information on Velvetleaf, what it looks like, how it got here and what's being done, click here

Photo credits: Trevor James, AgResearch and MPI

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