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We are local rural people that know from experience that severe weather, finances, relationships, and work pressures can all mount up.

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News & Alerts

Flooding in rural Otago and Canterbury

as at 1230pm 23 July 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Author: Terri Anderson

Useful contacts for rural people affected by flooding:



  • Federated Farmers on 0800 FARMING for requests for feed and assistance
  • Dairy farmers: call DairyNZ on 0800 43 24 79 69
  • MPI Animal Welfare 0800 00 83 33

Photo courtesy of Otago Regional Council.

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Weather warning - during and after snowstorms

As at 21 July 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Author: Terri Anderson

After snow and ice 

It's all hands on deck!

  • Call your local Rural Support Trust for free confidential conversations on 0800 787 254
  • Look after yourself, your family, workers and neighbours. Ask for help and accept it when offered.
  • Ensure stock and domestic animals have water, food, shelter, and are secure.
  • Ensure that all stock injuries are promptly attended too, after human needs are met
  • Look for and report broken utility lines to appropriate authorities. Treat all lines as live.

Keeping on after a snowstorm

MPI has animal welfare recommendations here (pdf)

Beef+Lamb and Dairy NZ provide some good advice on their websites.

Some handy tips from farmers who have been there, done that...

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MANAGING BONAMIA OSTREAE – a flat oyster parasite

as at 4 July 2017

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Author: Terri Anderson

In May 2017, MPI detected the flat oyster parasite Bonamia ostreae on 2 flat oyster farms on Stewart Island. Find out about the parasite and what MPI is doing to try to control its spread.

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Neil Bateup, Chairperson, Rural Support National Council

Rural Delivery radio interview

Monday, June 12, 2017

Author: Terri Anderson

Neil Bateup chats about the vital roles of the Rural Support Trusts in this radio interview.


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Update: Bay of Plenty Primary Sector Recovery Grant closed

As at 10 July 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Author: Terri Anderson

The Bay of Plenty Primary Sector Flood Recovery Grant applications have now closed and all grants – of either $2000, $5000 or $10,000 - have been distributed.

Fully completed applications that met the eligibility criteria were assessed by a Technical Panel. The technical panel made recommendations to the final Assessment Panel, who made the final grant decisions.

All assistance for flood-affected people and businesses is listed on Whakatāne District Council’s website:

To talk about your options including from Work and Income and Inland Revenue, as well as other forms of support, please talk to your local Rural Support Trust on 0800 787254 (0800 RURAL HELP). 

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Farmers joining shave-free for calving Rural Support Trust fundraiser

Donations will go to every RST nationwide through the new National Council

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Author: Terri Anderson

“When your first calf of the season is born -you have a good, close, shave, then hang up your razor. When the final cow calves, THEN you can get that beard off.”

This is shave-free for calving, the fundraiser launched by Marlborough farmer Lyndon Campbell last year.

“In 2016 we raised nearly $3000 for the Top of the South Rural Support Trust, and we are very proud of that,” says Lyndon. “However we feel there is much room to grow by getting more farmers involved.”

This year he’s going national and is calling farmers from all over New Zealand to get hairy and scratchy along with him (the blokes, at least):


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