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Sir Port - The Positivity Dog
Wanda Leadbeater

Sir Port - The Positivity Dog

This Fieldays, visit our site and get your free copy of the new Sir Port, Positivity Dog book. 

The new book follows the adventures of Sir Port, the beloved family dog, during a particularly heavy flood that causes havoc on the farm.




The story focuses on three generations of the family – the son, Johno; his mother and father; and their Grandma – and shows how they respond during the flood, taking care of their animals and focusing on a brighter day tomorrow when the sun rises again.


It also encourages children to keep a ‘Joy Jar’ and fill it with positive thoughts, feelings and memories that bring them comfort. In reading this story together parents, families and children have created their own Joy Jars, filling it with positive actions that give them a jolt of joy. Parents often pick up on the message by reading this story to their children and introduce a Joy Jar as part of a daily or weekly habit.


To get your free copy of the book, visit the Rural Support Fieldays Site Rural Support at the Hauora Taiwhenua Health & Wellbeing Hub (HW11) Located near the intersection of E Street and N Road


To get your free activity pack, scroll down to the PDF file.   We hope you enjoy. 


In 2020 Pauline McLeod, retired teacher, author and Morrinsville farming local wrote the first "Sir Port, The Positivity Dog" book.   The original book was through the eyes of the beloved family dog, Sir Port, whose family were having a tough time farming through a drought.  The book was gifted to farming families and rural schools across the country.    

A version was also published overseas and supported and shared by the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust. 

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