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Moving Day Top 8 Tips

Moving Day Top 8 Tips

Check out our series of tips to help you move from one farm to the next safely and hopefully with less stress!

At this time of year there is often lots to sort, lots to remember and lots to get done!   It may be exciting for some, but for others the whole moving process can be quite daunting and incredibly overwhelming.   

Moving to a new location brings a mix of emotions, all of which are very natural as a result of change.  Accepting that the stress is normal, and you will get through it is the first part of the process.     You can do this! 

Just remember this is the start of an exciting new adventure with the opportunity to explore a new location and meet new people. 

Local farmers have shared some of their tips that maybe helpful.   There is also a template you can download to help if you want to organise your checklist. 

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