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Recycling of Bale Wrap with Recycle South
Katrina Thomas
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Recycling of Bale Wrap with Recycle South

If you've been burning, burying, storing, or ignoring your bale wrap – the solution is here!

Recycle South's processing facility at 210 Branxholme Makarewa Road is now open, so they are calling all farmers who have bale wrap stored around the farm to now drop it off.

Their new machinery is specially designed to take your bale wrap (and agri plastics) and process it into small, recyclable pellets. We are beyond excited to bring this service to the south and help farms reduce plastic waste.

Drop off etiquette

🔵 Bale wrap MUST be as clean as possible. Free of mud, stones, dirt, rubbish and netting

🔵 Packed in fadges, bulka bags or PlasBak bags

🔵 Clearly identifiable farm/customer name on each bag.

🔵 You will need to complete a one-page customer form the first time you use the service. This is available on-site, or you can find this on our website and bring it with you).

🔵 Strictly one load per customer. No mixed farm loads unless by prior arrangement.

🔵 Large loads by appointment - To arrange, phone 03 211 0069 or email 


Bale wrap can be dropped off at 210 Branxholme Makarewa Road between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. You need to allow a bit of time for it to be checked in and weighed at the weighbridge.

It is important to note bale wrap will be checked on delivery. Any contaminated product will be reloaded onto your trailer, and you will need to dispose of it yourself or return it to them in the correct condition. They cannot process bale wrap in an unacceptable condition.

Processing costs are $150+GST per tonne (approximately 15 cents per bale), and there will be an additional charge of $400+GST per tonne for any contaminated product discovered after the customer has left.

Take away points

🔵 Bale wrap must be clean

🔵 Location: Branxholme Makarewa Road

🔵 Hours: 8.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday

🔵 Any questions, phone 03 211 0069 or email inwards@recyclesouth.org.nz

There were a handful of donors we could not contact before opening to the public as we didn't have enough contact details. So please, if you donated and haven't heard from us, get in touch so we can update our list.

For more information, visit their website, click here.




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